Just a trend?

Veganuary, #’s on Instagram, Vegan cookbooks as bestsellers: Everybody’s talking about it. 2018 seems to be the year for vegans. Not only did and does the amount of vegans worldwide increase massivly. But also there a continously more options for vegans such as in restaurants, fast food lunch spots, groceries and in personal hygiene.

Sure, Dario and I weren’t the first to go vegan. We’re also a part of this movement. But it’s finally a good trend. One to be proud to be part of. And thank God veganism is a trend! You’re not only doing your body a favor, but mostly the environment and the animals. And you wanna know what else is good about this trend? It educates! Even if people don’t feel like acutally changing their nutrition to a plant based diet, they at least start thinking about what they eat.

We’ve made the experience, that in the beginning of last year, when we told our family and friends we went vegan, the feedback was shock, disgust, calling us crazies. But as this last year passed by, more and more of our friends actually came forward and started asking us questions about our nutrition and wanted to try what we cooked. They were all super surprised, how good it tasts and were open to discussing the matter. Some of them even stopped eating meat and dairy products due to the conversations we had. So, as you can see, the subject “veganism” is gaining more and more acceptance.

A massiv indicator for this healthy trend is that famous athletes are going vegan and are reporting great success. Fore example: More and more NBA players are acutally switching and are improving their game. A lot of VIP’s are spokesmen for veganism and doctors are finally saying it is a healthy lifestyle.

We’ve gathered some facts as an overwiew:


Do you have any additional statistics or reasons why veganism is a trend? Let us know 🙂

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