Top 4 Sights in Arizona

A couple of years back we had the roadtrip of a lifetime! We travelled through the United States for three months and saw some of the most unique, breath-taking places this world has to offer.

We weren’t vegan yet in 2014, but we did watch out what we ate and were actually living a very healthy lifestyle. So the tips we’ll give you in this post can be easily adapted to travelling through Arizona as a vegan.

Actually there is only one tip you need: Rent a RV!

It’ll make life so much easier! You’ll be able to cook whatever and whereever you want to. You can purchase delicious fruits and vegetables at Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods and prepare them in your RV. You’ll always have lunch with you while checking out these amazing sites.

4. Monument Valley


It was quite a misty day, but it kinda gave the place a mysterious vibe. The red stone of these monuments is approximately 275 million years old! Monument Valley is located in the Four-Corners-Region: Arizona, Utah, Colorado and New Mexcio. And what makes it even cooler: These rocks are movie stars. A lot of western movies have been shot at this location.

3. Grand Canyon


The various lookouts right along the parking of the National Park are great. You can even drive along the road, to see a bit more of this massiv canyon. But we recommend you get a Camelbak, fill it with a LOT of water, make yourself a delicious humus cucumber sandwich, put on sunscreen and just walk along the rim of the Grand Canyon as long as you can. The further you go, the less people there are. At some point you’ll feel like you have the whole Canyon to yourself. The views along the rim are phenominal. Just remember, you need enough strenght to walk all the way back again :-).

2. Horseshoe Bend


Back in 2014 it wasn’t all to easy to find this place. There were hardly any signs on how to get there. When we arrived at the parking, we were a bit confused, as there was nothing close by. So we started walking in the general direction of the canyon – and there it was! The amazing Horseshoe Bend. We loved this place, as it is pure nature. No lookouts, no railings, nothing. You need to watch your step, but that just makes it so much more spectacular. We waited for sundown, enjoying some prepared fruits and veggis with a humus dip and had the fantastic view from the spot I was sitting (see header photo). The canyon drops down 1.8 km – there’s your adrenalin rush!

1. Antelope Canyon


This place is magical! It still belongs to the Indians and therefore you need to purchase a ticket to get into the canyon. They organize tours and unfortunately they are rather touristy. But you need to go anyway. I think, this is one of my favorite photos of the entire trip. It was so worth it, walking through this canyon with so many others. We recommend getting a ticket for around noon. The canyon is very narrow and only around lunchtime does the sun shine in like on the photo.

Enjoy and let us know, what you thought of these places, if you visited them.


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