Vegan for the environment

You’ve always wondered, why vegans say they eat plant-based because of the environment. Isn’t it just because of the animals? Environment is an extremely good reason to go vegan. It’s shocking, when you start informing yourself about animal agriculture and its impact on our world.

But let’s start with the basics. How much water does it take to produce a hamburger? Almost none, right? Cause it’s meat and bread and stuff like that? And anyways, you’re having a coke with it and not water…! Nope, sorry to disappoint you. According to research it takes up to 2’500 litres to just produce one single burger! That’s crazy! It’s equivalent to showering for 3 moths straight. Who would do that, right?

The reason why it uses up so much water is the agricultural farming. Livestock uses up 30% of the world’s water consumption. Just to put it into relation, the graphic below shows that 7 billion people drink approximately 20 billion litres of water and eat 9.5 billion kilograms of food per day. “Only” 1.5 billion cows used for the beef and dairy industry on the other hand need 170 billion litres of water and eat 61 billion kg. That is 750% more water and 542% more food, but only 21% of cows in relation to humans.


If you compare some of the numbers, you’ll see, that agriculture is the number one cause and uses more water than municipal and industrial water consumption together.


Not only does the livestock for the beef and dairy industry need so much water and grains. They also need a hell of a lot of room, to be able to keep all these animals, fated to die. So what are we humans doing? We’re going off and destroying our rainforests – a full acre PER SECOND! Who needs rainforests anyways? That the rainforests are there to transform the CO2 we produce en mass back into oxygen, is forgotten most of the times. 91% of the Brazilian rainforest was already destroyed due to agricultural farming. This kind of farming occupies up to 45% of earth’s land. That’s just insane! Just so we can “enjoy” our daily (!) steak, which clogs up our arteries and gives us a heart attack? Wow, it’s time to change our behaviour and start caring for what really is harming our planet.

One of the strongest and on-point quotes of the movie Cowspiracy is:

“Raising and killing animals for food is really killing our planet!”

We couldn’t agree more! So for us, the only solution to stop contributing to this spiral is a plant-based diet. It’s the right decision for our lifestyle. By being vegan for a bit over a year now, we have saved:

Per day In a year
8’326 litres of water 3’038’990 litres of water
41 kilos of grain 14’965 kilos of grain
9 kilos of CO2 3’285 kilos of CO2


And that’s just the two of us… Imagine the numbers, if most people would go vegan.


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