Hi there!

We’re Dario and Nikki. We eat plant-based, love travelling and all the nice things in life, that make us happy. In January 2017 we decided to go cold turkey – we went vegan over night. So we did have our tough moments and we gained so much AboutUs-VeganCureexperience during this journey. We would love to share it with you. And as we know how challenging it can be for vegans to travel and not stress about nutrition we decided to create our blog VEGAN CURE to help others on this journey and also exchange our experiences with like-minded people.

You’d like to know more about us? Sure! We are a (almost) married couple, based in Switzerland. Dario loves cooking and I am big fan of all marketing activities – so there you go – that’s not a bad combo for starting a blog. We’re very passionate about travelling, photography and trying to do the best to make the world a bit of a better place.

If you’d like to know more, we’d love if you’d contact us! 🙂

Have an amazing day!

Dario & Nikki

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