Easter Brunch as a Vegan

Easter: Check, done and over. Apart from Christmas, Easter is a time where we stuff ourselves with lots and lots of food at family gatherings, eat too much chocolate and drink to many Mimosas. Right? Or maybe this used to be, before we went vegan? Nowadays many people ask us, if we can even celebrate Easter…

First of all: Celebrating something has nothing to do with how you eat. And secondly: Why not? Everything is possible in a vegan version – and best of all: nobody dies… Except maybe my abs I’ve been working on so hard… 😦

So how do Vegans enjoy an Easter Brunch?

We’re super lucky… Our families are extremely supportive and always go out of their way to find new yummy vegan things for us and even try vegan recipes. So we were spoilt rotten yesterday.

But if you’re family and friends are a bit overwhelmed what to cook, bake or make for you, when you’re visiting, just offer them to bring something along. And here’s our pro tip: Make enough for them to try as well – ‘cause they will want to try and they will see how delicious vegan food can be. AND they won’t be so put off to try it next time 🙂

Now to what we dish up or got served at our family brunch:

  • Delicious breads (most of the whole wheat and spelt breads in Switzerland are vegan, but just check the packaging, it has all the ingredients on it as well)
  • Hummus – cause what meal is complete without hummus?!
  • Avocado or guacamole… Yes please!
  • Some amazing spreads, such as eggplant-mousse (not the same as baba ganoush, although that would have been amazing as well!), pumpkin spread and flax-date-oriental spread.
  • Vegan mango pancakes (we brought these and everybody loved them)
  • Lots of fruit
  • Lots of veggies to dip into hummus and co.

What more do you want?

My mom found these super delicious spreads @ DM in Germany. She already got the task to buy the whole shelf, next time she goes shopping there:


The pancakes are made with spelt flower, mango, coconut oil and coconut milk. The recipe will follow shortly on out blog:


And the absolute highlight: We actually got a vegan chocolate Easter bunny. The industry is recognizing, that there actually is a demand for vegan products. YAY! This chocolate bunny from Bachmann Confiserie is 100% vegan and tastes so damn good. Soon there’s not gonna be any excuse left for using animal products – cause large companies keep proving it works just as well with plant based products. Even our meat-loving neighbour’s cat was interested in the vegan bunny:

Funny story: This is not our cat. We do not feed him (ok, he doesn’t want our food). But if he’s too lazy to climb up his cat ladder or his owners are on vacation, he chills with us. While cooking, he’s always super excited he might get something or we might drop some food. So we started showing him the bell pepper or zucchini we are preparing, his eyes go all “I’m a lion and I’m gonna attack and hunt this NOW”, he smells the zucchini and he is NOT impressed. Mostly he is so put off by it, he’s super offended and just leaves. 😀 But he likes us, so he’ll come back.

Ok, back to brunch. Well brunch actually was over. But we still needed to meet Dario’s family… So we headed off to Zurich and spent the evening at Hiltl. This is an all vegetarian and vegan restaurant. They have à la carte and a super famous buffet. The food is amazing, so obviously we kept on eating… If you’re ever in Zurich, this is the place to go!


So obviously we just didn’t eat too much at brunch, no we also ate too much at dinner! It’s Easter Monday now and I think we’ll just do some juicing today… On that note: Enjoy your last day off and happy Monday!


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